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«The production of a vaccine takes time. You don have to obsess over magic and immediate solutions because there is a lot of botch going around; guys who like to talk more and sell realities that are not. It is COVER CASE 3D per Apple iPhone 360 con VETRO Protezione Totale not easy to find a correct formulation that has an immune response he warns Mario Lozano, former UNQ rector and Conicet researcher. And, it continues with a description: «There are some in which complete organisms are used; I mean genetically modified or attenuated viruses. However, this is not the case for coronavirus assays because there is insufficient knowledge Cover Custodia TRASPARENTE per IPHONE X XS FRONTE RETRO PROTEZIONE to introduce non infectious viral custodia rigida samsung a5 2017 particles into human bodies. Instead, viral components are being tested: vaccines that mimic part of the structure of covid 19. Everything remains to be seen «.

Since custodia samsung a5 2017 rigida the beginning of March, the super powers have started a race for the vaccine. A process that in a normal situation would take years in some cases decades accelerates significantly. The heads of state entrust their scientific technological divisions with the search for definitive solutions to the pandemic. In this framework, there are several nations that get on the track and compete to place their flag on the landscape of international health and epidemiology.

The local legWHO is leading a study called Solidarity involving Bahrain, Canada, France, Iran, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and Argentina. This is a collective project that aims to investigate whether some of the drugs already available can be used to treat covid 19 and to obtain evidence on the efficacy of four treatment schemes. Argentina, according to sources from the international organization, was invited to its capacity in clinical trials and the presence of ANMAT as a regulatory agency.

Trump vs ChinaAt the middle of March, the Chinese Military Academy of Medical Sciences and the custodia cover samsung a5 2017 private company CanSino Biologics released the start of clinical trials of a recombinant vaccine for the virus. Today they are in the process of selecting volunteers for the tests. The slogan: must be custodia samsung 10 pollici between 18 and 60 years old and healthy. The formula includes antigens without pathogens and this would contribute to greater safety and to minimize their potential toxicity, an essential element to take into account in the design of any preventive instrument. The tests will be carried out in a group of 100 people and will last until December 31. Only at the end of the year, if everything goes well, can it be produced at an industrial level and be marketed.

If Donald Trump is custodia samsung galaxy s3 neo in pelle concerned, it is that the United samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4 custodia States don lose any business. In this sense, he has held meetings with the popes of the most renowned pharmaceutical companies to ensure the highest step Custodia Cellulare Acqua Custodia Protettiva IPhone XS Max XR XS on the podium. As a result, procase custodia per samsung galaxy tab s2 9.7 the main project will be financed by the National Institute of Health in collaboration with the local firm Biotecnologa Moderna. Instead of traditionally injecting an attenuated version of the virus, it will use messenger RNA technology. The trials, as they foresee, would finish in a month and a half and, although the current president tries to have the solution ready for the previous period of the elections (November), his health collaborators request patience.

The French touchWhile heVaccines are preventive medications (applied to those who are not infected for their samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition custodia protection), the treatments serve to reverse the situation of those who are already sick. This subtle difference is useful for commenting on the French case. «In France, a scientist (Didier Raoult) proposed a treatment through a drug that is usually used for malaria (chloroquine). Drugs that work for other viruses are likely to be tested; The advantage of taking advantage of something that is already on the market is custodia samsung j5 silicone that you can skip the clinical trial phase and speed up time. A few days ago he announced the samsung galaxy tab a sm-t585 custodia obtaining of positive results and reaches interesting preliminary conclusions «, says Lozano. Then he continues with the argument of his reservations: «However, here it is also worth keeping calm: it does not meet some biosecurity requirements and was verified in very few cases. It only worked for about twenty when, strictly speaking, we need thousands «. Raoult is a medical specialist in infections and microbiology, at the head of the Marseille Mediterranean Hospital University Institute of Infection (IHU). It has a great media presence and postulates the existence of a cheap and simple antidote against covid 19.

Third parties in discordIn Germany, the company CureVac which custodia tablet samsung tab 7 works closely with the Paul Ehrlich Biomedical Institute has custodia samsung s2 tablet 9.7 con tastiera transmitted via international conference that in early summer (European) it will have an experimental vaccine to test in people. In the transmission, its managers have commented that if successful they would be prepared to produce no less than 10 million Cover Short Love Message per iPhone XR Amicizia con base glitter doses. It is one of the best viewed companies in the Old Continent and will receive financing of 80 million euros from the European Commission. The vaccine, as expected, could be administered orally, its application would be safe and would not generate collateral iPhone X 8 / 8 plus: Migliori cover e pellicole in vetro damage of any kind. They even announced that, if they were to take place, they would apply low costs to democratize access conditions for the entire population of the globe.

The necessary stepsWhat are the phases with which any vaccine project should comply «The first thing is to demonstrate that the vaccine generates custodia tablet samsung galaxy tab 2 immunity and that it is capable of inhibiting the virus. Then come clinical trials and answer other central questions, such as what percentage of the population at risk will protect. Testing takes time; a year and a little more are calculated until the vaccine can NALIA 360 Gradi Cover compatibile con iPhone 8/7 Totale Custodia be approved by the different health systems. Perhaps, considering the context, this time it can be obtained faster. Having the solution in six months would be an absolute record, supersonic speed, explains.

The idyllic and best selling image built on the international scientific community would lead us to think that knowledge has no flag and that, once the objectives have been achieved, the fruits obtained could be applied without restrictions throughout the world. But things do not work so easily: the pharmaceutical companies have their interests, the nations theirs and the scientists (naturally, they are only human beings) their own. is power. In the world in which we live, the development of a medicine or a vaccine, in addition to increasing the political power of the producing nation, also results in economic and symbolic power. Once the technology has been designed, the patents are played in the media and the interests of the different actors in dispute are clearly displayed. concludes…