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It is the year 2222. A race of a-sexual humanoidcreatures from another galaxy Naughty Cute GF Like Hard Sex On Tape video-03 have declared war on allearthlings and all forms of life treaty-ed to theearthlings. Inter-Galactic Intelligence has uncovered aplot by the enemy to engage in germ warfare. They areallegedly researching and planning to release a germthat will travel through space and attack the malepopulation causing their genitalia Amateur bootless cutie tied to tabouret to wither and rotoff. It is estimated that in a full scale attackapproximately 84.3 per-cent of all the male populationswill be decimated.In an attempt to perpetuate the race it has beendecided that all males will report on a daily basis toa designated sperm collection point. At these locationsthey will be quickly tested for any ailments ordiseases that may affect their sperm. Those males withhealthy sperm will then make 2 deposits which will gointo the sperm storage facility for retrieval Roxi Lloyd — Sexy British Blonde Babeshow Babe from Xpanded TV use byfemales participating in the rebuilding of the raceafter the germ has run it’s course been eliminated.All sperm collected at these locations is doublechecked for health, sanitation, and quality. It is thenadded Gay twink pounding teenies butt to the sperm storage facility. The storagefacility consist of several 500 gallon tanks in whichthe sperm will be collected. It has been decided thatmixing all the sperm in huge tanks will not onlyprovide for easier storage but also maintain theexcitement of surprise for those women who will rebuildthe human race after Tapegagged gagtalking BF first-timer hotty gets chairtied the war. This will alsoeffectively eliminate any racial lines as all raceswill be mixed into one giant gene pool.Dr. Nicole Lickmebitch was in charge of one suchfacility and is assisted by a staff of 14 nurses. Theentire staff works as a tightly knot team and Dr.Lickmebitch prefers to be called Nikki. In the past Twink wrecked by fuck machine 9weeks of operation Nikki’s team has collected 1500gallons of sperm for the project. It has been anexceptionally busy day and the team has finishedcollection for today and are filling al the finalpaperwork to prepare to go home.Nikki was walking through the storage room checkingeverything before closing assisted by nurse Jenni.Jenni was used to the fact that once the men are goneand the doors are closed and locked Dr. Nikki liked torelax and kick of her shoes, unbutton her blouse Hotwife latina wife deep-throats and ravage in amazon position to andremove her bra, walking around the facility with hertop open.“Why don’t you slip off that uncomfortable nurses workgown and just walk around in your slip, it’s just usgirls, no one will mind,” suggested Dr. Nikki. Jennisaid she was comfortable enough and tried to avoid thequestion but Dr. Nikki pressed the issue until Jennifinally admitted that she was not wearing anyunderwear. Dr Nikki giggled at that saying, “Oh youdirty Gay lad dumps out with goo gal you, not that it would really matter as it’sstill just us gals but I understand just the same.”When they were done checking all the locks and thesettings on the storage room environment controls andthe like the headed back the front office. Dr. Nikkipaused on the catwalk and looked down into the vats ofsperm for a few minutes. Nurse Jenni Big booty tgirl jerks her cock stood quietly asshe knew the Doctor frequently stopped to think.The Doctor was a very pensive woman. She turned toJenni and said, “I’ve been having this recurring dreamat night where I find myself swimming nude in all thatsperm down there.”Jenni giggled, “That would be an interesting sightDoctor.”“I might try it sometime,” Dr. Nikki replied.Jenni thought the doctor was joking as the doctorfrequently made dirty jokes Amateur hotty struggles barefoot in a straight-jacket around the nurses. Playingalong Jenni responded, “Well this is your agencyDoctor, you can do as like with it. you could always goin the scrub room and clean your self off. You wouldneed to shave your pubic hair to prevent contaminationof the sperm as well.”All very clinical as if to play with a joke, “Soundsgood, I’m gonna do it,” the doctor said.Jenni was sure she was joking and followed her towardsthe scrub room. On the way the Doctor started strippingher clothes. Jenni was beginning to get nervous as theDoctor got naked. In the scrub room the Doctor grabbeda surgical razor and hoped in the shower. “Why don’tyou join me Girlsdoporn Episode 349 Jenni!?” she yelled over the noise of theshower.Unsure what to think Jenni just said, “No thank you.”Dr. Nikki emerged from the shower clean and shavenbare. She walked out the door straight for the storageroom. Jenni’s eyes widened and she followed. In thestorage room Dr. Nikki walked out across the catwalk,blew Jenni a kiss and dived right in, head first into a500 gallon tank of sperm.Jenni dropped the Doctors clothes she was holding andgasped. The doctor came up with a gasp for air andyelled “some on in, it’s great, better than I dreamed!”Jenni just stood there shocked and watched as thedoctor swam around. After a few minutes Dr. Nikki Miss Hybrid Porn swamover to Jenni, climbed out of the tank with spermclinging to her entire body and told Jenni to join her.Jenni shook her head but Dr. Nikki could tell she wasconsidering it. “It’s intoxicating, it’s incredible,you’ve got to join me!” she said again.Jenni just stood there looking at the doctors bodycovered in sperm, especially at her shaven crotch andlicked her lips. Dr. Nikki waited no longer for aresponse and unbuttoned Jenni’s dress dropping it tothe floor. Jenni was indeed wearing no Amouredelavie Nude underwear andher pubic hair was already clean shaven. Less work forthe doctor!Dr. Nikki grabbed Jenni by the arm jumped back in thetank dragging her in with her. The both came uplaughing and began swimming around. Jenni startedtaking mouthfuls of the sperm and squirting it at Dr.Nikki just as you would in a pool with the water. Dr,Nikki Bukkake Biqle splashed sperm back at her. The other nursesheard all the commotion and wondered what the noisewas. They came into the room to be shocked by the sightof Dr. Nikki and Jenni swimming around nude in a tankfull of sperm. They did not know what to do. They juststared.Dr. Nikki saw them and yelled to them, “Go scrub up andjoin us! and Tamil Aunty Pundai Nakkum Video don’t forget to shave your pubic hair! wedon’t want to contaminate the sperm!!” The nurses justhesitated. “That’s an order!” Dr. Nikki yelled. TheNurses moved slowly to the scrub room. They allscrubbed, shaved and returned to the sperm tanks wherethey jumped in and began swimming with the doctor.They were playing in the sperm, splashing, dunking eachother, getting out and diving in. It was sticking totheir bodies, it was clinging to their hair. They Laura Jacquie Et Michel lovedevery minute of it. After about an hour they were allcalming down and relaxing.Jenni was hanging on the side of the tank next to Dr.Nikki. “Thank you! All I needed was that littleencouragement live my dream” Dr. Nikki said and sheleaned over and kissed Jenni right on the lips. Jennihad never been kissed by a woman before but she did notpull away. Instead she put her arms around Nikki andsent her tongue probing in Nikki’s mouth for hertongue.Dr. Nikki Kamlesh Comedy Video enjoyed this response and continued bycaressing Jenni’s body. Something in the sperm musthave intensely aroused them because all the nursesbegan kissing each other and caressing each other. Dr.Nikki climbed up and sat on the side of the tank andJenni moved in between her legs.She spread the doctors legs and then carefully Lesbian Rape Films beganlicking all the sperm from her thighs and crotch andthen began probing the depths of Nikki’s love tunnelwith her tongue. Nikki laid down on the catwalk andanother nurse climbed out and straddle Nikki’s facelowering her own sperm soaked crotch right onto Nikki’smouth.Soon all the women were in a long chain, licking thesperm from each Jayden Rembacher Nude others warm wet pussy’s. They carefullylicked every drop of sperm from each others bodies andthen they made love for hours. They decided the catwalkwas too hard and cold and moved the fun to the officeswhere they stretched out on the couches and made lovefor hours. They fingered each other, they licked eachother, they nibbled their nipples, they fingered andlicked their asses. Three of the nurses producedvibrators from their purses and they took turns fuckingeach other with the vibrators.After several hours they decided it was time for themall to go to their separate homes. All but Nikki andJenni. Nikki took Jenni home with her and they lived,worked and made love together for the rest of theirlives.They took many more dips in the sperm tanks after Green Gay Tube worktogether and with the other nurses.

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